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Nant BH Details & Kit List

The coach will be picking up at school 9.15am  on Wednesday 5th September ~ parents are very welcome to come and see the children off on their adventure.

We will be returning to school by approx 2.45pm on Friday 7th September.


Technical equipment will be loaned from the Centre Stores, e.g. waterproofs, fleece jumper, boots, rucksack, neoprene wet-suits, etc. Students are encouraged to bring any of their own equipment if they wish.
Please use a small soft bag which can be carried by your child.
Avoid large suitcases as these can cause transport difficulties.
 2 Pair of old trainers/pumps (for watersports)
 Wellies and walking boots but only if you have them
 2 Pairs of warm trousers --- e.g. tracksuit bottoms (not jeans --- which are unsuitable for walking)
 1 jumper / sweatshirt
 2 T. Shirts (not cotton ones if possible)
 2 Pairs of thick socks --- woollen, (not trainer socks)
 Hat and gloves
 Underwear plus extra normal socks
 Swimwear
 Old baggy shorts to wear over wetsuits, even in winter.
 Wash kit and towel (toiletries, e.g. soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)
 Nightwear / pyjamas
 Slippers or indoor footwear
 Torch & spare batteries
 Water bottle --- at least ½ litre --- an old pop bottle will do
 1 set of clothes for non-activity time
 Bin bag for taking home wet clothes
 Pocket Money for Centre Gift Shop up to £10
Optional Extras:
 Reading book/cards/pens & paper for quiet time
 Sunglasses, suntan lotion, sun hat in the summer time
 Insect repellent (May to September) (Must NOT contain DEET as this damages safety equipment)
 If the pupil wears spectacles, a spare pair should be brought along
Please do not bring
 mobile phones, digital cameras, electronic devices, sweets and chocolate.
It is important to remember that activities will be hard on clothes so --- the older the better!