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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Management Team

Miss J. Edwards ~ Headteacher
Mrs C. Barry ~ Deputy Headteacher/KS2 Manager
Miss S. Jones ~ Additional Learning Needs
Miss R. Pratt ~ Foundation Phase Manager

Staff Team

Mrs C. Barry ~ Year 5 Teacher
Miss R. Hindley ~ Year 6 Teacher
Miss L. Moses ~ Year 4 Teacher
Miss R. Shone ~ Year 2
Mrs J. Underwood ~ Class Support
Mrs A. Turner ~ Class Support
Mrss K. Summers ~ Class Support
Mrs S. Roberts ~ Class Support
Mrs R. Jenkins ~  Currently on Maternity Leave
Miss R. Pratt ~ Reception Teacher/FpH Manager
Miss S. Jones ~ Year 1 Teacher/ALNCo
Mrs J. Williams ~ Year 1
Mrs J. Higginson ~ Class Support
Mrs G. Jones ~ Class Support
Mrs H. Roberts ~ Class Support
Mrs P. Thomas ~ Class Support
Mrs K. Hooson ~ Class Support
Miss L. Pugh ~ Class Support